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Les Amis de Rochambeau  1, hameau de Rochambeau 41100    THORE LA ROCHETTE Tél : 07 68 31 04 78

Montant des cotisations 2020 à adresser au secrétaire de l’association   Alain BLANCHIN    13 rue d’Anjou    41100  VENDÔME



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  1. admin dit :

    Dear Sir,
    I read your message with great attention.
    It is very difficult for me, on behalf of Les Amis de Rochambeau, to give you a correct assessment
    of tourists’ expectations when visiting America, especially since we are no information regarding the number
    interested in following the WARO Trail or even how many are aware of its creation. I would think that tourists
    answering a survey done on the site of Camp Breakneck or any other visited site in your state of Connecticut
    would indicate the way to proceed.
    We are highly impressed with your dedication on highlighting French support in America War of
    Independence and wish you the best of success in your works ».

  2. admin dit :

    I ask the president of the association

  3. wccrutcher dit :

    Dear Sirs,
    The U.S. National Park Service (NPS) is currently conducting a series of nation-wide meetings to identify and support locations where General Rochambeau and General Washington first met in March 1781 in Wethersfield Connecticut to initiate strategy to merge their armies, and attack the British forces occupying New York and Yorktown Virginia. The resulting march of Rochambeau’s forces with 4000 soldiers and 450 officers through my state of Connecticut and other states in the colonies left a trail of daily campsites documented with descriptions and drawings by his officers, but largely undocumented by the local. I live near Camp Breakneck where his troops stayed the night of June 27, 1781. This is remembered only by a granite slab supported on fieldstones on top of a wooded hill reached by a difficult climb and rarely visited for that reason. I am co-chairman with the Middlebury Town Historian of a new committee to upgrade the site. NPS has identified the site as the one worthy of its financial support in this upgrade to attract tourists and tell the amazing story of how the support of the French government in sending Rochambeau to the U.S. enabled Washington’s faltering army to bring about the surrender of General Cornwallis in Yorktown, Virginia. Our Committee wonders whether Les Amis de Rochambeau will help us by speculating whether French tourists to the U.S. would be likely to visit such an upgraded site rather than the usual tourist attractions.

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